“Treasure Hunt – continued“ –  from cultural roots to the global world  GhaGerPa Youth-Exchange Project 2012


For many years, Burg-Gymnasium Schorndorf (BG) and Tema Industrial Mission – Vocational & Technical Training Centre (TIM-VTTC, since 2012 TIM-VTI) are engaged in a partnership.

In 2008, an exchange program of our two schools started, it was called “Ghana-Germany-Partnership Exchange Project” (GhaGerPa). A group of BG students came to Tema. TJC supported this visit generously with host families, transport and others. In 2009 and 2011, GhaGerPa – Groups of TIM-VTI came to Schorndorf. This year, 2012, the next phase is due: a visit of the BG – students to Tema.

The basic idea: through intercultural encounters youth should be helped to grow and develop individually and at the same time become messengers for global understanding.

These exchange visits are partly supported by the German Government.

2008 – 2011

The topic for 2008 was:

“Here are my roots, there I want to go, there I’d like to stay”.

Comparing their roots and dreams, the participants discovered the impact of history and the present world trade system. In a theatre presentation during a TJC service , September 2008, the students promised to work for education for all, equal living conditions, justice and peace.

In 2009, the topic was

“Food – Clothing – Housing   –  We work for equal living conditions”.

The highlight was a spectacular action by the Ghanaian and German students at the Schorndorf Marketplace to show the public the impact of the various types of lifestyle.

The project for 2011 followed an aspect of the first project in 2008. The students of both countries had the task to write texts of importance for them. A Ghanaian student had presented the following poem:

Ghana,GhanaI am not poor,

I am not poor, I am not poor
Ghanawhy should I say I am poor?
Ghanawhy should I say I am poor?
Because I have everything
why should I say I am poor?

When I have all natural resources
like Timber, Gold, Diamond,Cocoa, Bauxite
not to talk about Oil. I have it all.
Why should I say I am poor?
People who lead me say I am poor
why should I have all these things and be poor?

I Ghana have the biggest man-made lake in the world
which generates electricity.
I Ghana, supply power to my friends around me.
I Ghanahave many tourist attractions,
My beauty attracts people from all over world.
Because of my beauty people pay a lot of money
just to see my beauty

why should I Ghana be poor.
I GhanaI say I am not poor.

This poem lead to the new topic:

“Treasure Hunt”.

Every country and every individual life contains treasures which are either visible or may be hidden. The students in Ghana and Germany decided to identify their treasures and learn to value, uncover and protect them. Out of a long list of “treasures” the students identified five areas (family / friendship, education, music/dancing, sports, mobility) they wanted to deal with in detail, especially during their joint project time inGermany. With the support of a church based radio agency they presented their findings in a youth radio program to about 150.000 young listeners.


Since there were still many important treasures to deal with, the students decided to continue the “Treasure Hunt” when they meet in Ghana, this year. They want to look at their particular ethnical-cultural background. What does it mean to be a Swabian (the regional culture many Schorndorf students belong to), a Fanti, Krobo, Ewe etc. In addition, they want to understand the life cycles of mobile phones and computers (raw material, energy use, production and use of devices, waste or recycling). Individual roots and global participation and responsibility, both are important parts of everybody’s life. The results will be presented publicly in Tema and on a website designed by the students.

After months of preparation, research and internet communication, the GhaGerPa students of TIM-VTI and BG will meet and work in Ghana from 21st July to 11th August 2012.


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