Contributions to Activity No.3

  1. prah kaku says:

    Yes my family and i use mobile phone. Mobile phone makes it simple for me, my family and friends to maintain regular contact with each other. Yes i do take mobile phone with me all the time. I use mobile phone for research. I use it to send messages.

  2. Fanny says:

    My name is Fanny and I have a mobile phone and it’s very important to me because I use it very often to phone people (yes really:D) to send sms and to check on facebook. I take it almost everywhere with me because I like to stay in contact with my friends and of course my family;)

  3. Theresah Dekpey. 1}yes. 2}it makes work and effective communication more easier and also get access to some thing when you need it urgently and yes.   3}Almost everyday,and i use it for making calls,receiving incoming calls and also receiving and sending messages.More importantly for browsing and getting access to information when needed.

  4. fianu johnson says:

    1)yes                                                                                                                                                  2)It helps me to retrieve informations from family and friends stay very far from me and makes my daily activities very easier.                                                                                                                                                3)NO.not all the time.                                                                                                                                                    4)i normally use it during my leisure time but its always on  me so should in case i get a call i can get access to the person instantly.                                                                                                                                               5)i use my mobile for calls and texting  messages because the does not have any good functions.

  5. Richard Teye says:

    Richard Teye yes, my family and i have a mobile phone is important to me because its keeps me in touch with my family,friends and mates.has the internet,camera, which helps me to capture an event or emergency event and also research on the internet and also if i stuck in a situation my mobile can get me out.

    yes i take a mobile phone with me all the time,honestly i can not go to any place without my mobile.I always take my mobile  with me everyday and uses it for making and receiving of calls, listening to music,testing of messages,browsing on  the internet and also for mailing.

  6. Grace Mawunyo says:

    yes mobile phone makes me work easier and access faster communication. yes i take  a mobile with me all the time i users mobile to receive messages and make calls

  7. celestineawudi says:

    Ques. 1.  Do you or your family have a mobile phone? Ans:Yes

    Ques 2.   How important is a mobile phone for you? Do you take a mobile phone with you all the time?

    Ans: Mobile phone is very important for me because it makes communication easy and effective.When i need something urgent or in time of distress i use my mobile phone to contact friends and family to come to my aid. For this reason I always take my mobile phone with me all the time.

    Ques. 3.  How often and what for do you use a mobile phone?

    Ans:I use the mobile phone all the time and everyday just to make sure i am in contact with family and friends. That is I send and receive messages, receive information and incoming calls from my family and friends and this makes life easy and simple.

    • Caro says:

      Dear Celestine, in Germany we often call somebody on landline… Every household has got a fixed telephone.. Have you got that too or do you only use your mobile phones?? Greetings, Caro

      • celestine says:

        No we do not have landline telephone we only uses our mobile  phone for calls thanks,by celestine.

  8. charlotte says:

    Yes, in my family, we have 3 mobile phones. It is not so important for me. I only write some sms with my mobile phone, because I have friends, who live far away. Mostly, I take it with me.

    • Richard TEYE says:

      Charlotte, why is your mobile not so important to you i want to know by Richard.

      • Charlotte says:

        Mostly, I don´t need a mobile phone, because I see my family and my friends every day. Also, it isn´t cheap to do many things with your mobile phone. For every phone, I must pay 12 Cent ( 24 Cedis)… So it´s better for me to economize my money and to communicate with my friends in “real life”. Do you understand me a little bit and do you have some other questions to me? See you soon, Charlotte

      • tema12 says:

        Hi Charlotte,

        6 Cedis for one call is a little bit too much money. Surely you mean 0,24 Cedis or 24 Pesewas. Eva

      • charlotte says:

        oh yes, sorry! i mean  pesewas :)

  9. michaelotoo says:

    1.Yes we have have it 2.a.IT help me to communicate with family and friends easily,b.Yes 3a.Everyday b.To make calls and to recieveds calls

    • Caro says:

      Dear Michael, I would like to know how much money you have to pay for your mobile phone per month?? Thanks!!

      • Michael otoo says:

        No we do not pay for our mobile  phone per mouth but we bye credit to call.

  10. Etornam says:

    Etornam Modzakah 1.yes ,they have it 2.because it help me to get informatins from other, Yes 3.Everyday and to make calls and recieved message.

  11. michaelotoo says:

    Francis  Zodanu1.yes we have makes communication easily,b.yes 3.everyday recieves call and sent messages,browseing

  12. marthadomi says:

    victoria peku1. yes i do or yes they have.2because mobile phone is the commonest and the cheapest thing in Ghana also the easiest way for communication locally and internationally.3 everyday, and for making calls.

  13. Brako Abigail says:

    Yes,in my family we have mobile phones. My mobile phone helps me to get in touch with my friends and family. I use my mobile phone for chatting, sending messages, make research on the internet.

    • Caro says:

      Dear Brako, I would like to know: What kind of mobile phone do you have? Thanks

      • Brako Abigail says:

        Hi Caro,I use a nokia phone.

  14. mavis boamah says:

    <yes,my family and i use a mobile phone < my mobile phone helps me me in contenting to people,both inside and outside the country < i use my mobile phone everyday to keep in touch with others[family and friends] < yes,i take my mobile phone with me all the time to keep in touch.

  15. miriam says:

    yes,my family and i have mobile phone. mobile phone is important to me because i chat with friends and families afar. i do not use my phone usually. i use my mobile phone for calling friends,listening to music and sending messages.

  16. Hannah says:

    Yes everybody in my family have a mobile phone. It’s very important for me and I take it with me every time when i go out. I use it for calling and writing SMS to friends, but I also use it to call my parents if no bus is driving and they have to pick me up.

  17. marthadomi says:

    1.yes  i have a mobile phone.  mobile phone  is  very important to me  because  it  helps  to  get  in touch with  my friends  all  over  the world. 3.Everyday,  and  for downloading music  and  research.

  18. Joyce Afful says:

    1. yes ,we do  have , 2.because it help me to communicate with other, yes 3.almost all the time, through mobile phone l get access and lnformation from  different net work

  19. Caro says:

    Everybody in my family has got a moblie phone.. but my father is the only one, who really uses it. I take it with me wherever I go, but always got it on “silent” and nerver recognize the calls or answer too late. So if you want to contact me, better don’t try it by calling me on my mobile phone. The reason therefore might also be, that it is very expensive for me to use my mobile phone, because I’ve got a very expensive contract… so I try to use it as seldom as possible…

  20. Steffen says:

    Everybody in my family has a mobilephone, even my grandma who is 72 years old.

    For myself, my mobilephone is very important. It’s my watch, my calendar, my notpad, my potable internet, my mp3-Player and I can watch movies with it. So it’s beneath my keys and my pocket the most important tool i take with me. Oh I forgot…I can phone with it :D  So I’m  everytime avaible in case my parents want to talk to me, my friends want to meet, etc. And so can I. In case of any emergency I can phone the police. In my opinion it’s the most important tool in everydaylife today.


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