Ghanaian contribution to Activity No.2

2 Responses to Activity No.2 for Ghanaians

  1. martha says:

    All Ghanaians agree to the fact that. 1 Most GA men prefer kenkey , fish and pepper. 2.They also beats their wives a lot. 3.After marriages, they prefer to stay in their grandfather,s house with their wives. 4.Insults are one of their specialities, a typical example is ‘onyaeeeeeee sooooo me’.

  2. martha says:

    In spite of this Ghanaians also disagree to the fact that. 1. They are capable of chewing sponge to the airport to meet their cousins on an early, Ghana airways flight. 2. They are the strongest and most fearless. 3. Though, they attend good schools, they can,t speak good english. 4. they also make empty threat, such as ‘ma yi bo eei’.


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