Activity No.2

Activity No.2 consists of two parts, one for the Ghanaians and one for the Germans.

Please read how Ghas and Swabians are characterized and comment on it. Do you agree with it, or do you disagree? Please tell us the reasons for your opinions.

The Ghanaians comment on the Ghanaian part and the Germans on the German one. 

Deadline was May 15th, 2012

The Ghanaian part ist on: The Ga Man

Of all the men in other Ghanaian tribes, the Ga man is the most fearless – moreso after his balls of kenkey and red pepper. But tread softly. Because of their horrible sense of humour, every joke on him is a personal affront to his manhood. And since he applies the same code of honour to women and men, please for heaven`s sake, if he says.. “Ma yi bo eei” (I will beat you), don`t stand to challenge him, thinking it as empty threat. Woman, wife, lover, fiancee, he will turn you into a punching bag! But that is the core of the Ga man.

Here you will find more on the Ga Man and other Ghanaian tribes:

Ghanaian contributions to Activity No.2 you can find here

The German part is on – “Wir können alles außer Hochdeutsch.”

Translation: we are capable of  everything but standard German .  Please see also Hannah´s post.

German contributions to Activity No.2 you can find here


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