Energy and Transportation

Energy for Ghana – Akosmbo Dam

On July 27th the GhaGerPa-Group visited the Akosombo Dam, which was first called the “Nkonso Nkonso Bo”, named by Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. Akosombo Dam was built from 1961-1966, immediately after Ghana became independent.

How does the dam work and what is the electricity used for?

The turbines on the left (see drawing below) produce the energy, which is absorbed from “Gridco”, the main supplier of “ECG (Electricity Company Ghana)”. ECG then supplies other substations and later the electricity is supplied to wherever it is needed.

In the beginning, the Akosombo Dam was built to produce electricity for the aluminium company “Valco (Volta Aluminium Company)”. During this process Tema was planned as the industrial city of Ghana. For the supply of the industries and exportation Ghana also needed a new and bigger harbour which was also established in Tema. Later the demand of electricity increased through the private consumption of electricity. In a modern, globalised world, electricity is used almost everywhere, for example for air conditioning, mobile phones, computers or television. But many people forget that energy is not only needed for the consumption of electronic devices, but also for the production, transportation and other steps of the so called “lifecycle” of an electronic device. (see drawing below)

                             more about life cycles of electronical devices

This development to a globalised world produced a shortage of energy and so Ghana does not only have to extend its network of electricity. The country also had to think about other ways of getting energy, like renewable “Green Energy” such as Solar – or Wind Power. more

Furthermore, Ghana always knew how to make money out o felectricity: Since 1966 up to date, Ghana has shared energy with Burkina Faso and has supplied Togo and Cote d’Ivoire, which means a huge amount of income to the country.

In conclusion we can say that Ghana, with its “Green Energy”, should be an example for other countries all over the world.


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