Distribution and Consumption

Mobile Phones are everywhere in Ghana

You could not imagine the Ghanaian lifestyle without mobile phones. Our exchange partners use them all the time and most of them have two or more phones.

We wanted to know more about the lifecycle of mobile phones in Ghana, so we decided to make a tour through the Tema market, to discover interesting facts and stories from the shop assistants.

On the market in Tema we asked many shopkeepers about their products. On the picture you can see the cheapest and most expensive mobile phone:

On the left side you see the cheapest one, a Nokia phone. It costs about 30 Cedis (12 Euro). The Functions are Phone calls, SMS and alarm clock.

The most expensive one is that on the right side.  It shows an iPhone. It costs about 600 Cedis (240 Euro). The Functions are Phone calls, SMS, Apps, MP3, HD Camera and Internet.

In the discussion with our partner students, we found out, that using the phones in Ghana is much more common than in Germany. Sometimes, the mobile phones are more important for them, than for us. There is always a phone ringing somewhere. more.

Some of our students have more than one mobile phone! We wanted to know, where they can buy them and they have taken us to the Ashaiman market. The streets are full with small shops, and many of them sell electronics. We talked to many assistants of small and bigger shops and to sellers, who offer phones tables on the roadside. There you can buy phones, but also they repair them for 10 Cedis (4 Euro).

In Ghana, people use their phone for about two years. But after that, they don´t throw it away, some people go back to the shops and swap it or give it as a present to their friends. Another interesting fact is, that although their phone doesn´t work any more, they can´t imagine to throw it away. They try to get all useful parts out of the phone and sell them or use them to repair other phones.


Picture: Mobile phone shop                          Picture: Table on the roadside

All in all, the mobile phones play a very important role in the Ghanaian society. On every road, there are small tables, where they sell prepaid cards and they even paint their houses with the sign of the big companies like Vodafone, Ghana Glo, MTN and Tigo.


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