Life cycles of mobile phones and computers

The life cycle of a mobile phone or a computer always starts with the exploitation of raw materials . They are mostly found in developing countries. For example Ghana was called “Gold Coast”, before it became independent because of its big gold reserves.

The next step will be the production of computers which is done by suppliers and many subcontractors mainly in Asia. Distribution and Consumption is worldwide done.

Finally waste often ends up in Asia or Africa.

Resarch and development is mostly done in the United States and Europe. The profit also goes to the brand companies, that are also based in the northern hemisphere.

The worldwide division of labour needs a lot of transportation. All processes are accompanied with a high demand of energy.

Whereas  workers in the fields of computers all over the world often get very small salaries the profit goes to the brand companies.

If you would like to learn more about the life cycle of a mobile phone,  you should listen to the makeITfair Rap: http://makeitfair.org/en/the-facts/audio-video or watch the videos on the same page.

On the following website you will find a lot of information on electronics, especially on mobile phones and computers:

English: http://makeitfair.org/en

German: http://makeitfair.org/de?set_language=de


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